Squash is nearly here: List of squash clubs that will be open on or around the 25th July

By Joseph Reeds

Dear Members,

Squash is nearly here! As you will have seen in our previous message squash is allowed to return from the 25th July with appropriate mitigations. Unfortunately the University Sports Centre will not be opening its courts at this time and we will continue to offer our full support to them to do so as soon as possible. However as promised we have been collecting the details of all the courts that will be opening locally.

The below have indicated to us that they will be opening on the 25th or very shortly afterwards. We have indicated where there is pay-to-play available, if not you will have to join as a member. Remember to always ring ahead and make a booking for any courts and get information on their covid secure policies. 

You must check each clubs policies but as a general rule the policies are:
  1. Come changed on time with water bottle filled up
  2. Sterilise your hands on entry to the club
  3. Avoid using the changing rooms or toilets if possible
  4. Don't touch the walls, minimal contact with all surfaces and stay on court for the whole booking period
  5. Leave promptly and shower at home - do not socialise at the club
  6. Only play full games with those in your family/bubble
  7. You can play a modified game called 'sides' with people outside of your family/bubble or do socially distanced coaching - see the video here: https://www.englandsquash.com/backtosquash. Also see attached some ideas put together by cambs squash on routines and drills you can do.
  8. Provide contact details to the club when you play, for track and trace
  9. Be careful - remember you're probably really unfit!
List of local Squash Clubs opening on/or around the 25th July

Hills Road Sports Centre - 1 court - https://www.hillsroadsportscentre.co.uk/
Pay to play available 
£7 off peak and £10.70 Peak

Comberton Squash Club - 3 courts - http://www.combertonsquash.com/
Pay to play available through Comberton Sports & Arts
£6 off peak and £8 Peak - 01223 264444
Fully inclusive membership available at £17 a month
Call Dave on 07799602270 or email join@combertonsquash.com

Sawston Sports Centre - 1 court - https://www.sawstonsports.com/
Pay to play available 
£7 all times - 01223 712 555
All inclusive memberships available

Swavesey (Fenland) - 3 courts - https://fenlandsquash.com/
All inclusive memberships available from £17 a month - Temporary COVID-19 memberships are available - contact Ali Loke 07776 176866 / ali.loke@outlook.com.

Peterborough Squash Club - 4 courts - https://copsr.club/
Memberships available - 01733 262202

Hunts County Squash Club - 4 courts - https://www.huntscountysquash.co.uk/
Memberships available - Contact Billy Bremner on 07764 426263 or email gjbremner0516@gmail.com

We have spoken to Kelsy Kerridge and they will let us know soon and we are unsure about The Leys. There are also the little known new courts at Granta Park as part of Nuffield Health Apiary. Melbourne are not quite there yet but we will update you when they are.

Thanks to Richard Loke for helping me compile the list and all of these clubs for working hard to get their clubs ready to open and to England squash for providing clear guidance. 

Please don't hesitate to get back to me with any questions.

Best Regards
Cambridge Squash Club Secretary


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