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Lunchtime Leagues

Open to all

Anyone can join the leagues

Free to join

Absolutely no costs at all

Mixed group

Open to men and women and any ability that can play lunchtimes

Cambridge Uni Sport Lunchtime Leagues

Cambridge Squash Club run a lunchtime league with players playing on weekday lunchtimes, though they are welcome to play at other times it aimed at those who can regularly play at this time. Many of the players also organise matches with each other outside the league using it as a directory of those available during lunchtimes in Cambridge.

The leagues are very friendly and rotate on a monthly basis, they are open to all abilities.

How do I view the leagues and contact players?

Once you have joined the leagues you will be given access to our league system,  this allows you to see everyone in the leagues, gives access to their contact details and allows you to enter the results.

If you already have login details you can access the leagues here.

I don't want to join the leagues, just find players who can play at lunchtime

No problem, fill in the form below and we will give you access to our system so you can see the list of players and get in touch with them.

How do I join the Lunchtime Leagues or get more information?

To join the lunchtime leagues at Cambridge University Sports Centre fill in the form below which will be sent to the league administrator. They will get in touch with more information and find the best league for you to join.