First round of evening leagues at Swavesey start

Posted: 8th June 2021

The June 2021 evening leagues are now available on the Swavesey Squash club website


It is password protected and the information was sent to everyone via email.


In the members’ area, you will find the box leagues (all 14 of them!), and see where you are and who you need to play.

How it works.
– You need to reach out to the other 4-5 players in your box to organise your matches! The deadline for these matches is the last day of June. It’s generally best to connect with your opponents as soon as possible to give everyone a chance to schedule. It’s also possible that near the end of the month, there will be additional pressure on court when everyone is rushing to get their matches in.

Recording scores.
You then need to record the scores from each match you play in the box. The details on scoring the matches are on the website. Default scoring is best of five, up to 15, point a rally (every point counts, whether you serve or not), but if both players are happy, alternative scoring systems are fine. Any uncertainty, just ask!

Next month.
At the end of each month, the top two from each box will go up, and the bottom two will go down, so that you get to meet different people of different levels! 

Joining the leagues

If you want to join the Swavesey Squash Club evening leagues, visit the page here.